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Welcome! And Thank You for visiting my site. Many people are curious about me and how I came to do what I do. What do I do?

I help heart centered Intuitives expand their gifts and create successful, life supporting businesses. I started my intuitive business in Charlotte NC, after working in corporate America for 29 years. I originally thought that doing “readings” would satisfy my desire to help others, and quickly learned that many of those I attracted were extremely gifted themselves. I ended up creating a “hands-on” experiential program that helped people rediscover and expand their natural gifts, and create businesses using that gift to serve others.

I am a Futurist – meaning that I predict the future. With this gift, I found that I have a knack for helping people increase their natural “Super-Powers” while guiding them into launching their intuitive or healing business. When I started my business, I had left an industry earning a six-figure income. I quickly learned that predicting futures provided an unpredictable income. I spent a lot of money with numerous “marketing gurus” who all had great advice for the “traditional businesses” – but felt unauthentic and “salesy” to me…even if they touted “authenticity”. I realized that, if I was going to promote myself in a way that felt authentic, it would have to be authentic– (no cheesy templates borrowed from a marketer selling “widgets” or “get rich quick schemes” for me.)

During my journey, I also experienced brilliant “Spiritual Teachers” who were not comfortable sharing resources (even though I’d invested time, energy and money consuming training sessions). Many offered very little experiential opportunities.

So I decided to offer what I desired most…

Fast forward…I now help people transform what they think is “doable”, and continue to transcend their expectations of THAT. Many just want to explore and expand their gifts. And most want to help others and live a more authentic life. I offer individual sessions and group work that help you go deeper with your natural gifts while also healing, manifesting redefining yourself and creating your business.